Welcome to one of the premiere rafting destinations in Colorado!

Glenwood Adventure Company provides one of the largest selection of river trips for all abilities and ages. From Glenwood Springs you have access to five great whitewater rafting areas, Glenwood Canyon, The Roaring Fork River, The Upper Colorado, the Eagle River, and The Arkansas River. Each section has its own unique experience within close proximity to major destinations such as Glenwood Springs, Vail, and Aspen Colorado.

Rafting provides everyone with an exciting getaway, for both those looking for scenic floats and those thrill-seekers looking for the adrenaline fix they’ve been looking for. With so many options, it’s hard to decide which trip to choose!  Start by selecting either Whitewater or Scenic Rafting Trips below to see your options:

Whitewater Rafting Trips

  • When selecting a whitewater rafting trip, you will want to consider a few important factors such as the age of participants in your group, and your previous whitewater rafting experience.
  • Whitewater rapids are categorized into 5 classes.
  • At Glenwood Adventure, we offer 6 unique whitewater day trips that are among some of the best of the west, from high in the Rockies surrounded by the Collegiate Peaks to steep canyon drops within our National Forests.
  • Our most popular whitewater trip is through Glenwood Canyon, down the Shoshone Rapids, a very busy section of the Colorado River.  It’s close proximity to Glenwood Springs, with some great class III rapids, makes it a perfect trip for those not wanting to drive to other rivers.
  • Want to escape the crowds and still have some adventure within Glenwood Springs, try the Roaring Fork River.
  • Looking for a more unique challenge? Try our Class II / III Guided Ducky Trip! These maneuverable crafts allow for a more intense personal experience with the river, and afford the freedom of an open-top boat;  no previous river experience necessary.
  • Some of our most unique trips are outside of the immediate Glenwood Springs area but they sure are worth the drive.  President Obama designated the 21,589-acre Browns Canyon National Monument on February 19, 2015.  For centuries, the rugged granite cliffs, colorful rock outcroppings, and stunning mountain vistas of Browns Canyon National Monument have attracted visitors from around the world. The area’s unusual geology, and roughly 3,000-foot range in elevation supports a diverse environment and some of Colorado’s and the nations best whitewater trips.
  • Located 35 minutes East of Glenwood Springs, the Eagle River whitewater rafting experiences offer a variety of paddling for all levels of boating. The Eagle River is an undammed river, that water levels fluctuate daily making each trip down the river a unique experience.  The Eagle Valley provides some of the best Whitewater Rafting adventures during the Months of May and June!  For those that want an exhilarating early season Class IV experience on the Eagle, the Dowd Chutes is a must do!

Scenic Rafting Trips

  • If you would like to explore the river, but aren’t looking for a serious whitewater adventure, then these river trips are for you!
  • These trips are designed for folks that enjoy the great outdoors and are looking for an opportunity to relax and soak in the beauty of Colorado’s landscape.
  • Children as small as 30 pounds are welcome on any of these trips.
  • Scenic river adventures meander through gentle Class II experiences and low Class III experiences with access to some wonderful relaxing swimming areas. 
  •  Each of our Scenic runs are slightly unique but all provide a quiet, peaceful raft trip, mixed with easy fun whitewater.  
  • Our Full Day Adventure is the most secluded river trip of them all, with beautiful beaches to relax and enjoy our delicious riverside lunch.  Our Full day trip also includes some awesome inflatable river toys, such as SUP’s and Kayaks, for those who want to add some more excitement. 
  • Dry bags are included on these trips so you will have the opportunity to bring along a camera and capture photos of beautiful scenery and lasting memories. Trips can be customized to certain locations and trip lengths if need be. 

Multi-Day Rafting Trips

  • Sometimes one day just isn’t enough, and you want to immerse yourself in the great outdoors for a little longer. Combine the thrills of rafting and camping into one vacation!
  • Spend the day rafting on the river — taking in gorgeous scenery and exhilarating whitewater — and in the evening, you can rest while your rafting guide makes a scrumptious meal by a cozy campfire.
  • The Upper Colorado 2-Day Overnight is a rafting experience for all ages and abilities in some of Colorado’s most breathtaking wilderness.  Kids will get to enjoy playing on the beach at camp while the grown ups kick back and relax as our staff prepares dinner.
  • The Browns Canyon 2-Day Overnight trip includes two days of exciting Class III whitewater rafting, bridged by a comfortable overnight camping experience on the Arkansas River.
  • All our Multi day experiences are private adventures, you not only get to choose how you want to travel but who you travel with. With our private travel options, you can take one of our adventures and book your bubble to ensure you’re surrounded by friends and family for added confidence and peace of mind.

Not sure which trip is right for you?
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