Inflatable Kayak River Adventures

Our Inflatable Kayak Adventures can be a guided or unguided river adventure.  They provide  wet and wild experience’s.   Glenwood Adventure can combine  rafters and kayaking on a trip to accommodate everyone’s comfort levels & aptitude for adventure.   Wet suit, River Booties, Helmet, and PFD included on all our kayak adventures.

With absolutely no previous river experience necessary, these trips are fun for the entire family. Our experienced guides will take you through your equipment, river safety instruct you on the fine art of paddling and how to get back in the boat if you want to go for a swim or happen to fall out.

If you are looking for a river experience that allows you be the captain and are tired of lumbering along in a large raft, then the inflatable duckies are the way to go !

Thank you Glenwood Adventure Company for making this a trip my family and I will always remember and look fondly back on! When it comes to anything adventure in Glenwood Springs your company is my go to.
— Craig Patton, New Jersey