Do we need reservations?

While we do take walk-ins and last minute reservations, if availability allows, we strongly suggest that you book your trip as far in advance as possible. Our trips fill up quickly, especially during the peak rafting season of Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Reservations can always be canceled up to 24 hours in advance penalty free.

Are there age restrictions?

We welcome all rafters, including children and senior citizens. Age restrictions are river and time of year dependent, but we always have a gentle options for children as small as 30 pounds.

Is rafting dangerous?

Rafting is thrilling, wet, wild, and unbelievably fun. However, as with all adventure sports, there is inherent and assumed risk involved. Risk contributes to the excitement, and is one of the reasons people enjoy rafting at all levels. The guides working for us are trained to minimize and manage risks, and their number one priority is your safety!

Despite our training and risk management attempts, things can happen. For this reason the ability to self rescue is very important. Please take this, your experience, and your abilities into account when reserving your rafting adventure.  Our adventure specialists are here to help you pick the best possible adventure for you and your party.

If I can’t swim can I still go rafting?

Yes. Everyone on commercial rafting trips wears a coast guard approved ‘life vest’ or personal flotation device (PFD). Many non-swimmers go on rafting trips, and they have a great time. Your guides will give you an in-depth and engaging safety talk before your trip, explaining what you should prepare for and do in the event you fall out of the raft. Our adventure specialists are trained to place you on a trip that suits all your parties abilities and concerns.  Guides are trained in whitewater rescue and will work to ensure that you feel comfortable with the whitewater conditions on your trip. Any concerns about swimming or injuries should inform their guide before the trip.

How fit should I be to go rafting?

The majority of our trips use paddle rafts. This means that rafters will be an active source of power to move the boat in the river.  Our guides will instruct you on how to paddle and you will need to learn easy commands from your guides to help maneuver the boat as it moves downstream. You should be reasonably healthy, and must be able to fit into the life vests supplied by us. Paddling can sometimes be tiring, but your guides will instruct you on paddling techniques which are a lot of fun to learn. If you’re in doubt about your fitness to go rafting, check with your doctor before you go.

How early should we arrive beforehand?

Please see your confirmation email for details on the trip you booked.  This gives you and your party ample time to check in, sign waivers, be issued appropriate river gear, change, and be on time for the safety talk. All trips leave our outpost at their scheduled departure times, if you are late you have missed the trip. If you are not familiar with the area you may want to allow some extra time before your trip departure time. Make sure to get good directions before you leave home.

What to expect!

Your trip begins when you meet us at our office at check in time. We will hand out and collect your release waivers and distribute gear. After everyone is geared up, a guide will deliver a vital safety talk highlighting everything you need to know for rafting. You will then be assigned a guide and transported to the river’s “put in”. You’ll learn to paddle as a team and be rafting before you know it, enjoying the scenery, playing games, and having the ‘time of your life-jackets’!

Do you take photo’s? Can I bring my camera?

On most of our river trips, a professional photographer will take pictures during the rapid section of  your raft trip. These photos will be for sale when you return, and are posted on our website for online purchasing. These are professional, quality pictures, and a great option if you don’t want to fool around with your own camera and trying to keep it dry. At your own risk, you are allowed to bring your own phone or camera, but keep in mind we do not provide a way to keep it dry.  If bringing a GoPro, ask your guide for a helmet with a GoPro mount!

Should I tip my guide?

As with all of our adventures, your guide works hard to ensure that you have a fun, safe adventure, and they appreciate being tipped. If you feel your guide has done a good job at keeping you entertained and sharing the wonderful environment with you, feel free to tip them. Tipping is always appreciated, but never expected.