Five cool things to look out for on our Roaring Fork River trip:

If you’ve visited any Colorado town from Aspen to Glenwood Springs, you’ve probably spotted parts of the Roaring Fork River. Just over 70 miles long, it drops over 6,000 feet in elevation and is a hot commodity among fishermen, standup paddle boarders and rafters. There’s a few reasons why this trip is one of the […]

Whitewater Rafting: The Ultimate Family Getaway

08/05/16 Somehow it’s August already, and you know what that means: back to school for the kiddos (and some adults). In the chaos of school supply shopping and bracing yourself for the last few weeks of summer, it can be difficult planning last minute family trips. What’s something that will pacify your seven-year-old’s energy, entertain […]

Team-building on the River and Paragliding Over Glenwood

7/18/16 There’s something spectacular about running off of a cliff without plummeting to your doom. The first time I tried paragliding about two years ago, I couldn’t blink. I think it must have been like the time I got a toy kitchen for Christmas when I was five—complete shock, then awe, then never, ever wanting […]

Playtime for Guides at Glenwood Adventure Company

7/10/16 For many jobs, work and play time are separated. You know when you work, and you know when you play. Lately at GAC, I haven’t been able to tell a difference. First off, we’ve begun commercially running the adrenaline-filled class III-IV Shoshone rapids through the beautiful Glenwood Canyon. With the water level dropping, we’re able to […]

Rafting, hiking and camping with the Scouts

06/27/16 “My water bottle, my water bottle! Somebody, GRAB IT!” My week began with a mouthful of river water, a paddle crack to the back of the head, and a pirate ship full of eight Boy Scouts. On a beautiful day in a calm section of the Roaring Fork River, I was peacefully guiding a […]

Paddle Tan Lines and Dirt Mustaches

It’s official: after two weeks of nonstop shivering, vicious sunburn and dodging giant rocks, trees and suck-holes, I am now a certified whitewater raft guide! After taking a week to visit family and friends back on the east coast, I returned to complete my check-out run and guide my first trips. It was definitely a […]

Another Week of Adventures for the Raft Rookies

Glenwood Adventure Company’s (GAC) raft rookies just finished week two of training and are even more excited to be part of the GAC team! This past week, we explored more of the Roaring Fork and Colorado Rivers, as well as the Lower Eagle River and Arkansas River. We also had a seventh member join the […]

Meet the New Raft Guides in Training

May 22, 2016 Summer is almost here and Glenwood Adventure Company (GAC) is back in action for whitewater rafting! To prepare for another fantastic season, GAC is adding new faces to the crew, myself (Jenn) included. We rookies are from all different backgrounds but have one strong quality in common: our love for the outdoors, and we’re excited for […]

Top 5 Ways to Stay Cool in Glenwood Springs

Dog days of summer got you down? Never fear! Plan a weekend (oh heck, make it a week!) to Glenwood Springs. This beautiful little mountain town nestled between Aspen and Vail is the perfect high-elevation destination to cool off. What makes Glenwood even been are the endless number of adventures to keep you as busy […]

Glenwood Adventure Winter Athlete – Telemark Skier Henry Barth

We’re proud to say that we work with an array of very talented athletes at Glenwood Adventure Company. Our guide staff boasts a professional stand up paddleboarder, a NFL player and now a member on the national telemark skiing team. Henry Barth is the second youngest member of the United States Telemark Ski Association on […]