First Snowboard Trip Checklist

Your first snowboard trip can be both exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. The anticipation of trying a new and immensely fun activity should not be diminished by your potential anxiousness. Taking some time to make sure you are ready for everything will guarantee that your first time snowboarding will be a great experience and leave you wanting more.

This checklist for your first snowboard trip will ensure that you are prepared to go snowboarding. Remember, despite this being a numerical list, all of the items are equally important. Also of note, although many of these items can be rented, most of the clothing items should be purchased on your own prior to the trip.

1. Snowboard and Bindings

If you do not own a snowboard or bindings, you will need to rent these from the resort or here located at the Glenwood Adventure Company. There are different types of boards (alpine, freestyle, and freeride) you can rent depending on what style you want to try. Beginners may prefer freestyle boards, as they are shorter and easier to control.

Bindings will also come with your board. These fasten your boots to the board and come in different sizes to fit your boots. If you are renting, resort employees will assist you in your selection to make sure you are all set.

2. Snowboard Boots

These specialized boots will connect you to your board through the bindings. You can also rent these at the resort, but it is not recommended. Snowboard boots are designed to conform to your feet specifically, so owning your own pair will be far more comfortable. Snowboard boots come in regular shoe sizes, but sizing can vary among different companies. Your boots should be snug, but not tight to the point of restriction.

3. Snowboard Socks

Snowboard socks are essential because cold feet will quickly ruin your day (trust me it’s not nice!). Since your feet will sweat from the heat of your boots, you need socks that wick moisture. Thin, synthetic socks work best since your boots are already insulated. If your socks are too thick, your feet will sweat and lose warmth. Also, your socks should be high enough so your skin does not rub against your boots and cause irritation.

4. Snowboard Helmet

Your brain is the most important organ in your body, so wearing a helmet should be an easy decision. As a beginner, you may struggle with control, so protecting your head is paramount. If you do not own a helmet, the rental place will have various options to rent one that ensure you will find one that fits.

5. Snowboard Jacket and Pants

A good snowboard jacket will have wind and waterproof outer shell. The jacket should also be breathable, which means it will allow sweat to escape and keep you warm. While on the mountain, the weather can fluctuate on a whim, so owning a jacket that specializes in temperature control is important to feel comfortable throughout the day.

Like your jacket, your pants also need to be weather-proof and breathable. When your body touches the snow, good snowboard pants will prevent water from seeping through.

6. Base and Mid Layers

Base and mid-layers are worn underneath your jacket and pants. On particularly cold days, proper base layering is crucial to staying warm. You want to avoid cotton products because they are neither breathable nor waterproof. Synthetic materials or wool are effective with wicking moisture and maintaining comfortable body temperature.

On very cold days, adding a mid-layer on top of the base is suggested. Mid-layers are fleeces, sweaters, sweatshirts, or other common clothing items that add warmth.

7. Snowboard Gloves

Insulated and waterproof snowboard gloves are also very important for the first snowboard trip. Your hands will be in periodical contact with the snow, so these specialized gloves will protect your hands. Durability is also key, as a typical ride will test the wear and tear of your gloves.

8. Snowboard Goggles

Snowboard goggles help battle glare and protect your eyes from the snow and wind while riding. When riding down a mountain, snow and debris can fly against your face, making goggles a necessary piece of equipment.

When you have checked everything off of this list, it is time to ride. If there is anything on the list that you do not own, check out The Ski Bum store to purchase them. If all goes well on your first expedition, you will be itching to get out there again!