Glenwood Springs a Ski Town?

While not particularly known as a ski town, Glenwood Springs has been voted one of the top 7 ski towns in America by Best of the Road. You may remeber from out last post that the site as also called Glenwood Springs one of the best “fun” small towns in America – and that is an award we wont dispute! While the ski areas of Summit County are good, they also tend to be more crowded due to their proximity to the front range. Vail is cool, but arguably one-dimensional. But keep driving down I-70 and you come to Glenwood … continued

Glenwood Springs is the Most Fun Small Town in America!

At least, according to mapmaker Rand McNally and USA Today. Narrowed down from 600 submissions, their Best of the Road® series sent amateur travelers all over the U.S. to personally visit the top thirty towns and make a final determination who was the most fun, the most patriotic, the most beautiful, the friendliest and the best for food. While they were in Glenwood Springs, these amateur travelers sure packed in the fun! Not only did they spend time touring the georgeous Bair Ranch on the seats of Glenwood Adventure’s own ATV’s, but also took in fourth of July fireworks from … continued