Jon (Tidd) Tidd

Our loveliest, cuddliest Tiddy bear. Ask him about his experiences in far away mystical lands. 2006 Olympic Ice skating High jump Bronze medalist, this super athlete knows more about your hometown than you do. Loves long walks on the beaches and small woodland creatures.

Marc Speake

Known as the Splenda Daddy; a man who strives to be a sugar daddy but doesn’t have the funds to pull it off.

Joan ain’t no Hollerbach girl

The human calculator who keeps the business running and everyone in their place! Dreams of sailing around the world to find its edge. Enjoys floating in an inner tube in her bathtub and crushes Cecline Dion in karaoke!

Lyrica Miron

Quadruple triple greenbelt in dance karate and twinkletoe two-stepping. Favorite person ever is Tinkerbell. Cali is her uncle’s sister’s daughter’s cousin’s second-brother’s twice-removed niece’s sister.

Caliope Miron

Ice cream and cookies and rainbows and coffee and all things flowery! She’s one with the sky and sings like a bird, and will crush anyone in Kid’s Bop Karaoke!

Olivia Busby

Our beauty queen raft diva who dreams of sailing a yacht down the Colorado River! She’s Irish Stepping her way to fame, and has a soft spot for Latin-speakers (hearts!!)

Bethany Walter

Taught Taylor Swift the guitar but learned the banjo from the local Noname tribe. Buffalo are her favorite animal and is desperately trying to save enough tips to buy a real one!

Nia Myer

Her goal in life is to live like Doug in the movie “Up”– travel the world while being fed and chasing squirrels.

Shane Burr

Shane likes toothpicks and enjoys talking in southern accents while on the phone. Wants to get married on a Segway.

Heath Colon

Our nutty Heath bar who loves The Macarena and knows all of the words. Has won 9 hula hoop contests and is training for American Ninja Warrior using rafts and paddles as obstacles!

Brian Benson

The cutest shuttle bunny around! He looooves driving through Glenwood canyon and has an impression collection of choo choo trains. It’s his dream to hop aboard a real train and ride all the way to Australia, then race the train on the back of a kangaroo!

Christo Johnson

Half bird, half fish, and all bull. One of our paragliding instructors, he has been living the true raft guide life out of a van with a cool pup and a pet dragon.

Spencer Evans

Wants to be a brain chemical astro-gerontologist surgeon lieutenant general. Is beyond passionate about whales, and is working on a program to track them using tidal energy. You can find him staring at full moons on cloudy nights.

Zach Johnson

A fiery hothead and real charmer who sticks people with needles in his spare time.

Chase Danner

A southern belle who is attached at the hip to his kayak, except through class V Gore Canyon! (Don’t ask him about it)

Drew Barrere

Drew is a real peach y’all, straight out of the Georgia hills. Paddle faster, cause I hear banjo music!!

Nate Hassell

Nate is part of the Nonamé tribe, an ancient local people who camp under sticks and ransack rafts alongside the river. Be on the lookout for his brethren as you embark on a magical journey down the Colorado River!

Justin Alexander

You might not see him on the river, but if it wasn’t for Justin our boats would never be where they need to be. Justin loves to spend time in nature wearing Chacos. A avid slackliner and snowboarder who also happens to teach Spanish at one of the local high schools. He continues to mold the minds of the future.  Justin lives by the moto “Livin La Vida Loca “

Margaret Fitzpatrick

Around here she is know as Marg or Mama Bear since she takes care of all of us! Marg prides herself on being a TripAdvisor specialist and knowing how to travel in style. Marg loves to ski and has been an instructor up in Aspen for many seasons. Some say her doppelganger is Kate Hudson, we tend to agree. You may see Marg driving the big Glenwood Adventure Company Bus, if so give her a wave 🙂

Nick Cashman

A high school science teacher here in the valley, who has a passion for the outdoors. Nick was once thought to be the monopoly mans grandson due to last name and glorious mustache! Yet through vigorous research this has sadly been proven untrue, due to his lack of cold hard cash. He grew up in Gunnison CO and studied science education at Colorado Sate University. Nick hopes to eventually teach around the world expanding young minds with science, and his own through different cultural experiences. If left out in the middle of the woods, Nick could be found a couple … continued