Michael Watson

This Wis-kaaahn-sinite sports his accent like a badge of honor. Claims to be lactose intolerant but is frequently seen at the grocery store buying cheese in bulk. If you ever find yourself on his raft, don’t be surprised if he cuts the cheese. 

Zoe Harbour

Studies environmental science at CSU and has a longing desire to be the next Indiana Jones. Loves to spend her time surrounded by nature and has a passion for skiing in a cow onesie.  

Carissa Hagerty

Her favorite color is tie-dye and keeps her own collection of bugs in her drybag. Claims she once broke into a bank to cook a hot pocket. 

Abby Lang

This Minnesota native is sugar, spice and everything nice. She’s a real treat to have as your guide. Powder Puff Girls is her favorite show and is often found binge watching it after work. 

Axel Contreras

Played a role in the hit movie Napoleon Dynamite and competes in roller derbies on his weekends. Has a ferociously kind attitude on the river and will crush anyone in Forrest Gump trivia. 

Maggie Craig

Maggie is a real peach y’all, straight out of the Virginia hills. Paddle faster, cause I hear banjo music!!

Davis Colon

Pit Viper Sponsored athlete and SpongeBob enthusiast. This mountain webslinger spends his nights swinging through the canyons of Colorado with his homemade web shooters. His Spider-Man costume is actually in his drybag on the river with him at all times.  But don’t tell anybody!! It’s a secret!

Adrienne Manheimer

This quirky girl from California once rode a moped scooter from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon with her pet cat. Loves to visit beaches around the world and hopes that, one day, her Prince Fabio will sweep her off her feet and ride off into the sunset. 

Claire Stevens

This Virginia native will surely brighten up your day. She’ll talk your ear off about her favorite fried chicken joint. Claire’s a hoot and a holler.  


Taught Taylor Swift the guitar but learned the banjo from the local Noname tribe. Moose is his favorite animal and is desperately trying to save enough tips to buy a real one!  

Tim Hasselmann

Holds the record for most Smarties eaten blindfolded while using chopsticks and participates in no shave November. Decided to turn to the raft guide lifestyle after fighting fires in Colorado. 


This Alabama native is often found serenading ladies with his banjo down by the river. His favorite thing to do is to stand on top of a mountain with his hair flowing in the wind as he gallantly stares off in the distance. He’s just a dude doing dude things. 

Boden Hart

Enjoys larping in his free time and cosplaying as Eleven from Stranger Things. Wants badly to be king of the Colorado River and asserts his dominance by trying to race every raft he encounters on the river. 

Jose Castorena

Fashionista or ladies man? Claims to wear ladies trousers to build his confidence before a big raft day. Has mastered the art of dad jokes.   

Will Grosscup

Will grew up playing soccer along with his longing desire to be a raft guide. Has a full back tattoo of David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo rafting some big whitewater while giving each other a high five.   

Emma Harbour

Emma is one far-out gal. Said to have been abducted by aliens and wrote a complete guide to making tin foil hats. 

Shayne Sandblom

This Colorado native looks like he came straight out of a surf movie. This river bum does everything that gets his adrenaline racing. From cliff jumping, to slacklining to rafting some big waves he’s sure to have some stories to tell. 

Jon (Tidd) Tidd

Our loveliest, cuddliest Tiddy bear. Ask him about his experiences in far away mystical lands. 2006 Olympic Ice skating High jump Bronze medalist, this super athlete knows more about your hometown than you do. Loves long walks on the beaches and small woodland creatures.

Marc Speake

Known as the Splenda Daddy; a man who strives to be a sugar daddy but doesn’t have the funds to pull it off.

Joan ain’t no Hollerbach girl

The human calculator who keeps the business running and everyone in their place! Dreams of sailing around the world to find its edge. Enjoys floating in an inner tube in her bathtub and crushes Cecline Dion in karaoke!

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