Hanging Lake Rules

Hanging Lake is one of Colorado’s most beautiful geologic wonders, and we all need to do our part to protect the trail and lake for generations to come. Please read the Hanging Lake rules below, and thank you for helping to restore this pristine natural resource.

Hanging Lake Rules
Waterfalls and clear green water at Hanging Lake, Glenwood Canyon, Colorado

*No pets are allowed on the trail

*Please LEAVE NO TRACE. Dispose of all waste in trash cans.

*No swimming or dipping body parts in the water.

*No standing on log in lake.

*There are no restrooms on the trail or at the lake. Please use restrooms at the trailhead.

*No standing under or on top of waterfall.

*No fishing in the lake.

*If arriving by bike, please store bikes in designated areas.

*The holder must have the permit on them while on the trail and present it to an authorized agent or Forest Officer upon request.  Failure to possess a valid permit while on the Hanging Lake Trail is a violation of  36 C.F.R. 551; 261.10(k) and may result in a fine or imprisonment, or both.

Watch this video to learn more about Colorado’s Leave No Trace principles!