GAC’s Top Five Adventures to Look Forward to this Summer

Whitewater Rafting

No matter what, I think this one is always going to top our list of things to do in the summer. There is just nothing better than suiting up on a sunny Colorado day and getting that exciting rush as you run the Shoshone Rapids. We’re counting down the days until we dig in our paddles and cruise the river. With our rafting partner, Lakota Guides, we offer quite a few whitewater rafting adventures for all levels of experience.


Glenwood Canyon Trial re-opening

The re-opening of the Glenwood Canyon Trail has been pretty big news around Glenwood Springs these last couple of weeks. After quite a bit of hard work from the Colorado Department of Transportation, cyclists can now bike through the whole path. If weather gets bad early on in the season, they might close the trail for a few days, but we have our fingers crossed for sunshine and smooth cycling!


Our new off-road Segways


If you haven’t been on a Segway in your lifetime, you’re missing out. You’ve probably seen a tour buzz by before, or maybe a famous person using a Segway as personal transportation on a reality show. But let us assure you, these things are fun. Our most popular tour (by far) is the journey up Red Mountain. It’s a well cleared path, but you still get a good taste of adventure, as most Segway tours are on sidewalks. This year we have some brand new, state-of-the-art, off-road Segways. They are bound to make the Red Mountain excursion even more exciting!


Glenwood Springs Strawberry Days Parade

Who doesn’t like a parade? Nobody – that’s who. Last year, we had a huge convoy of trailers filled with rafts, cowboys on horseback, chuckwagons, ATVs and Segways. There were water fights, there was candy, there was music, and there was lots and lots of fun. We’re going to try to top ourselves this year. How? Well that’s our little secret, but keep an eye out for us during the Strawberry Days parade on June 16 at 10 a.m.


Awesome new staff members

At the end of every summer, we have to say goodbye to some staff members who are starting other adventures. But as the circle of life goes, every year we get to meet AMAZING new staff members that bring fresh energy, new jokes (thank goodness!) and pretty faces. All of our staff come equipped with and amazing love for adventure of all kinds, but you’ll likely catch guides fighting to get on the river… because who doesn’t want to go rafting!?! Although we love our new smiling faces, fortunately we have a good handful of staff that we just can’t seem to get rid of. They’ve been leading adventures and doing what they love for years and years – and that kind of experience and passion goes a long way ‘round these parts. Stay tuned to our Facebook page to learn more about all of our staff members over the summer.