Are you ready for summer?

I sure am! I know most people just can’t get enough of that Colorado snow – but this year is different for me.

I’m ready for warm sunshine and being on the refreshing Colorado River!

Since I’m in such a summery mood today – I thought I would share my top ten adventures that you absolutely can’t miss out on while your in Glenwood Springs!

1. Rafting the Colorado River (duh!) Whitewater, sunshine and hilarious river guides. YES PLEASE! Make sure and request a guide that has showered that day though!  haha – jussst joking… kind of.

2. Cycling the Glenwood Canyon bike path. The canyon is absolutely stunning, and the trail goes right along the river. Although the 16 miles of biking can get pretty tiring, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, try out #7!

3. Visit the Hot Springs Pool. Who would want to go to a giant hot tub in the middle of summer, right? Wrong. It’s awesome. It’s especially great for all of those cold-water sissies out there who take an hour to finally get all the way into a pool! haha 🙂 I recommended packing a cooler with a picnic and your favorite drinks, a huge blanket to lay on in the grass, and lots of SPF!

4. Doing a cave tour at Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. There are a lot of bells and whistles on top of Iron Mountain these days. But the whole reason all of that is up there – is because of the magical fairy caves! No matter how awesome playing lazer tag or riding a mechanical bull at 8,000 ft. is – the caves are still the best (and most affordable) part!

5. Strawberry Days. The Glenwood Springs Strawberry Days festival was always my favorite time of year growing up! There’s the big parade, 5K run, carnival, artisan booths and ANYTHING strawberry from food carts. Chocolate covered strawberries, strawberry ice cream, funnel cake with strawberry topping… it’s unbeatable. The festival is normally on Father’s Day weekend in June. Tip from the local: Book accommodation WAY early – rooms fill up quicker than you’d think.

6. Take a fishing tour with Jack. Jack is our fishing expert at Glenwood Adventure Company. I’m not a big fisherwoman, but I can still tell you that Jack is the best of the best. He has private access to the north Colorado River and he’s been a pro guide for years. If you want to catch a nice big rainbow trout, but aren’t really sure where to go – he is your guy. And he’s good company too! 🙂

7. Hike Hanging Lake. Hanging Lake is a fairly rigorous, but short hike. It’s about a mile long and a mile up – so it’s steep – but the path was just spiffed up last summer and it’s totally worth the huffing and puffing. At the top sets a pristine green/blue lake and a roaring waterfall. That’s all I’ll say, though – you just must see it for yourself.

8. Stay at Bair Ranch. This would probably be higher on my list if I had a family. This guest ranch is in the mouth of Glenwood Canyon. It’s a beautiful oasis surrounded by striking canyon walls. These are the most authentic, and posh cabins you’ll get in Glenwood. While you’re there try out an ATV tour, have a chuckwagon dinner and most of all… relax!

9. Have a treatment at the Vapor Caves.  Get a massages, a chocolate body wrap, a facial – whatever you like! Any treatment comes with free admission to the naturally steamy caves in the mountain. Fun fact: The Native Americans and settlers used to use the caves for their healing power. They were quite popular during the high point of Tuberculosis.

10. Have a ice cold microbrew at Glenwood Canyon Brewing Company! My favorite is the Vapor Cave IPA or the Grizzly Creek Raspberry Wheat! This is just a must-do in Colorado – the king state of microbreweries.