River Tube Rental w/ Shuttle

Adventure Overview

River Tube Rental w/ Shuttle

This activity is definitely more on the adventurous side!  Floating down the river in a tube isn’t a gentle relaxing float.  Be prepared to bump into rocks, tip over, and swim through the rapids.  If you are looking for a more relaxing option, check out our Ducky Rental w/ Shuttle, the Duckies (inflatable kayaks), are much more stable and come with a paddle so that you can avoid the rocks and other things that might tip you over.

This rental includes a free shuttle to and from the river.  The shuttle departs at 10:00, and you should be on the river by about 10:30.  There are two pickup options at the end of your trip, either 3 hours later (@ 1:30) or 5 hours later (@ 3:30), which can be decided on the day of your float.

If you need more flexibly and have two vehicles to run your own shuttle, check out our River Tube Rental, and you can take them out on your own schedule.

This Rental includes paddle, life jacket, helmet, and a shuttle to and from the river.

Adventure Facts

Minimum Age / Weight
13 years or older
River Time
3 or 5 Hours
Per Person
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