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Adventure Overview

The joys of cycle touring are now within easier reach for people of varying fitness and experience levels, thanks to our electric bicycles — or e-bikes. Electric bikes give cyclists a helping push to get them up and over hills, or to help them keep up with faster friends. The small, almost hidden engines also make longer distances feel achievable.  Whether a weekend rider or avid enthusiast, you will love this new way to ride a bike!

The terrain and altitude in Glenwood can be challenging, even for the most fit rider. E-bikes change the equation and makes bicycling in the Roaring Fork Valley available for just about anyone who can ride a bike.

Why E bike?

  • Allows a couple of mixed ability to ride together.
  • Opens up hillier destinations.
  • Allows you to see more of Glenwood Springs by extending your range.
  • You still pedal, and feel the reward at the end of a day’s riding.
  • Clean, efficient, noiseless and easy to operate.

How does it work?

  • An electric motor assists the rider’s pedaling.
  • It only boosts your own effort, reading your exertion and adding power. There is no throttle.
  • You can choose from multiple levels of assist and have the option for zero assist.

Raleigh Tokul iE Diamond Frame

(For those over 5′ 6″ tall)

Fat tire mountain bike, great for the local dirt single tracks and the paved paths.



Path + Step Thru

(For those under 5′ 6″ tall)

Step thru style, with hybrid tires, great for the paved paths around Glenwood Springs.



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