E-Bike Offroad Tour

Adventure Overview

A 2.5 hour guided tour that encompasses the Red Mountain and Wulfson trails. The E-tour begins from our base in downtown Glenwood Springs and makes its way to the Wulfson trail system that includes rocky singletrack and cinder paths.  While the singletrack is often twisty and rocky, it’s never too challenging; finding the best line is usually pretty easy. The descents are mostly brief, but the fun flow factor is real. After you have conquered the Wulfson trail, you will begin to climb a local’s favorite up Red Mountain. The E-bike will allow users the option of motorized assist if needed for this breathtaking climb. Views at the top are well worth the effort. Gaze upon the Roaring Fork and Colorado rivers from above! And don’t miss the views of Mt. Sopris and the Elk Range.

While the electric assist will ensure that you get up that hill, an E-bike does not make up for the need to be a practiced and comfortable rider. Operators of E-bikes must be capable of and comfortable with all of the usual aspects of bike operation including mounting/dismounting, starting/stopping, pedaling, shifting gears, balancing and maneuvering in varying traffic and road conditions.

Why E bike?

  • Allows a couple of mixed ability to ride together.
  • Opens up hillier destinations.
  • Allows you to see more of Glenwood Springs by extending your range.
  • You still pedal, and feel the reward at the end of a day’s riding.
  • Clean, efficient, noiseless and easy to operate.

How does it work?

  • An electric motor assists the rider’s pedaling.
  • It only boosts your own effort, reading your exertion and adding power. There is no throttle.
  • You can choose from multiple levels of assist and have the option for zero assist.

The Bike: Raleigh Tokul iE Diamond Frame

The Raleigh Tokul IE is a singletrack lover’s dream come true. The classic aluminum alloy hardtail construction promises a snappy ride, but the magic really lies in the Bosch CX mid-drive electric assist motor system. Imagine making the most of every ride by zipping to the trailhead at an exhilarating 20 mph and then getting a helpful boost up every hill. You’ll be having as much fun on the climbs as you will on the descents! And with the uber-traction of 27.5-inch plus-sized tires, the stoke meter will be cranked on high every time you hit the trails.


Adventure Facts

Adventure Time
2.5 hours
Per Person
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