Dinner Sporting Clays

Adventure Overview

Bair Ranch, steeped in history and nestled within the dramatic Glenwood Canyon, offers an exhilarating 2-hour Sporting Clay experience. Picture yourself standing on the edge of the canyon, shotgun in hand, as clay pigeons soar across the sky. The crisp mountain air and the thrill of hitting your mark make this adventure unforgettable. Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or a first-timer, the expert guides at Bair Ranch ensure a safe and exciting skeet shooting session for all.

After the adrenaline rush of shooting, it’s time to embrace the cowboy spirit with a Cowboy Cookout. As the sun dips behind the canyon walls, gather around the campfire while the aroma of sizzling steaks, slow-cooked beans, and cornbread fills the air. You’ll dine under the vast Colorado sky, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the canyon. The crackling fire, cowboy tunes, and camaraderie create an authentic atmosphere that brings you a taste of the Wild West, where stories flow as freely as the coffee. So kick back, enjoy the warmth, and savor every bite – because at Bair Ranch, adventure and good food go hand in hand!

We have BB guns available for the kids! We’ll set up targets that will allow them to still take part in the activities and practice their aim.  BB guns can’t be booked on their own, they can be booked along with a minimum of 2 adult shooters.

For more information about the Sporting Clays, click here.

For more information about the Cowboy Cookout, click here.

We reserve the right to cancel any cookout due to an insufficient number of bookings. Should we need to cancel your trip, the full cost will be refunded or credited to another trip according to your wishes.

Adventure Facts

Bair Ranch
5 Hours
Adventure meets at 4:00 PM
Dinner Served at 6:30 PM
Adult Steak Dinner
Kids Hamburger Dinner
18% AUTO-GRATUITY ADDED to Dinner adventures
Reservations now available through September 21st