What’s the Best Adventure for Me?

Let me start off by saying that we encourage pretty much anyone and everyone that comes to us to go whitewater rafting with GAC and Lakota Guides. Not only is Glenwood Springs one of the best areas for rafters of all levels, but it’s just a wonderful activity on summer’s day to bond with your family or your pals. With the exception of children under 30lbs, pretty much anyone can go rafting. Whether you have been rafting or not, with our experienced guides navigating the Colorado River, we feel pretty strongly that you’ll have the time of your life.

But rafting is one of many many adventures you can have in Glenwood Springs. We often have visitors book their rafting trips and say, “What else should I do?” That’s the million dollar question. At Glenwood Adventure, we pride ourselves in being able to personalize your experience in Glenwood Springs to make sure you maximize your fun, no matter what type of group you’re traveling with.


If you are only here for the weekend: Bike rentals and shuttle into Glenwood Canyon

If you’re only here for the weekend, it’s likely that your time is limited and you might have planned a small budget for you mini-vacation. Renting bikes and getting a shuttle into Glenwood Canyon, you can kill two birds with one stone.  Along the Glenwood Canyon bike path, you’ll find the trail head to Hanging Lake, the most well known hike in the area. Start your morning by hiking to this gorgeous turquoise lake tucked one of the canyon’s geological fault lines. Take another pit stop on your cycling trip and have a picnic at one of the many rest stops along the Colorado River. This budget friendly outdoor adventure is not to be missed!


If you are thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie: Nothing but whitewater

Rafting is for everyone, but our “Nothing but whitewater” trip is for those handful of people that come to town that really want to get their blood pumping and their feet wet.  You’re going to get more than your feet wet on “nothing but whitewater”. One of our senior guides will take you down the famous Shoshone rapids in one of our paddle boats. Equipped with all the right gear, you’ll crash through these class III-IV rapids three times in a row. This trip is sure to keep you on an adventure high for the rest of your stay in Glenwood Springs.


If you have high-energy teens: Rock Climbing

How can you compete with all the modern day gadgets distracting our kids from a wholesome family vacation? iPhones, tablets, MP3 players, handheld game systems – oh my! Tell the kids to pack away the technology for the day and get them hooked on rock climbing. We have the best rock climbing instructors in the valley – some of them even teach at local high schools. They have courses set up in Glenwood Canyon and in Rifle that are ready for climbers of any skill. All of the equipment is provided and safety is a key component of our climbing instruction. Climbing is actually a great activity for the whole family. It’s a great time to encourage each other to reach new heights and learn a fun new skill!


If the grandchildren AND  grandparents are coming along: Hummer Tour and Western Cookout

If you’re coming to town with the whole family – ages all across the board – then the hummer tour and cookout are for you. Step into our bright yellow military hummer with stadium-style seating. Our hummer tour guides hail from the valley and are well versed in history of the whole area. You’ll walk away knowing the ins and outs of Glenwood Springs and having soaked in gorgeous views of the Rockies. Afterward, round up the troops for an authentic western cookout on our ranch in Glenwood Canyon. Fill up on mouthwatering bbq and sides that will stick to your ribs in true cowboy fashion.


If you’re a city slicker: Horseback Rides

Horseback rides at our ranch in Glenwood Canyon are the perfect taste of the West for those of you hailing from the big city. These ain’t no pony rides folks! But seriously, you’ll experience an authentic trip on horseback through the White River National Forest area and get to see some of the most spectacular views in the valley. Our guides are professional ranchers, and know how to make sure you’re absolutely comfortable whether this is your first ride or you’re a pro. Trips go out at all different times of the day, but the sunset tour is absolutely spectacular.