I am from New Jersey and drove cross country with my family of seven plus my mother-in-law. We met my brother in law and his family of four in Glenwood Springs. We had several activities planned, most of all white water rafting. However, we had some specific issues. My mother-in-law is an amputee. Having the prosthetic she was apprehensive about rafting and getting wet. Our concerns were about rafting with both my mother-in-law and our kids aged 8 to 23. When we entered, we were immediately greeted by smiling Kylie who made us feel welcome from “hello”. When we asked about our situation, she stopped everything and said she would be right back. In walked Ken. As soon as he walked in, he continued the welcome feeling. We asked about my mother-in-law and he put us at ease by saying first and for most that this company is very family oriented. He then went onto say that he works with Wounded Warriors and Autism Speaks. He said that he has had several amputees and assured of that not only was this a non-issue, he welcomed us to bring her back to test out a raft on land. What impressed me most of all was how Ken made us feel like family and not customers. He was very in tune to our concerns and put them all to rest.

Later that day we came back and reserved two rafts for the next day. The next day, upon arrival, Ken once again greeted us with a warm and friendly welcome — the welcome you get from a friend. We then got our instructions for the day. Ken’s instruction were given in a fun atmosphere — you did not even feel like you were learning something. Then due to our large group, 13, he split the group into kids and parents. The kids were assigned Issac. Issac immediately connected with our kids, which made for a fun trip. The kids did not stop smiling from the start of the trip until the end. Issac continued that family feeling which made me feel completely safe that my kids were with him. The adults were assigned to Mike Tepper. Ironically, some years earlier my brother-in-law, a football coach, tried to recruit Mike for the college he was coaching for at the time. Words cannot describe Mike, he is a heck of a nice guy who happens to be the size of a mountain, and I mean that in a good way! He, just like everyone else, made us feel like we were all family. He offered to carry my mother-in-law on and off the boat at the beginning and end of the trip and also when we stopped at the hot springs. He had a vast amount of knowledge of rafting and was extremely professional. He also had a wealth of knowledge of the noteworthy spots along the trip. He made the trip fun and informative. During our stops, I had the opportunity to talk with him about my career as a police officer. Having the conversation with Mike was like talking to an old friend or, more so, a brother. Sadly, the trip eventually ended. But it ended knowing that we had made new friends.

Ken, Issac and Mike thank you for making this a trip my family and I will always remember and look fondly back on! When it comes to anything adventure in Glenwood Springs your company is my go to.