Our Resident Football Star

We thrilled to have a friendly face hanging around Glenwood Adventure again. Mike Tepper, the offensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts who spent the 2011 NFL lockout with us, is back for some Colorado fun! Mike is taking some downtime to enjoy his love for the outdoors and get in some high altitude training before the NFL season starts up again. Last year, Mike came to us through David, another one of our fantastic guides from California. The two grew up as best buds on the West Coast and treated us to their crazy antics until we couldn’t take it … continued

An NFL player as a raft guide!?

Yes, you read right. The world of professional sports and whitewater rafting have crossed. A few weeks back, Indianapolis Colt’s offensive lineman, Mike Tepper, came to visit a friend at the Glenwood Adventure Company. Then, he never left. He’s a pretty fun guy to be around and he can just about lift anything we ask him, so we decided to keep him around 🙂 Mike is now a certified raft guide and finds being on the river in Glenwood Springs a great way to pass time during the NFL lockout.