Stand Up Paddleboarding in Glenwood Springs

Stand up paddleboarding in Glenwood Springs is one of the hottest adventures on the river right now! First off, if you haven’t heard of stand up paddleboards (SUP), it  is an oversized surfboard coupled with a long outrigger-style paddle that originated in Hawaii, and has recently gained popularity on surf beaches around the world. It’s pretty common to see SUPs on the ocean or flat water lakes around the US, but now it’s  making its way upstream into the whitewater rivers of the American West. Stand up paddleboarding on a river is a bit of a different beast, but a … continued

An NFL player as a raft guide!?

Yes, you read right. The world of professional sports and whitewater rafting have crossed. A few weeks back, Indianapolis Colt’s offensive lineman, Mike Tepper, came to visit a friend at the Glenwood Adventure Company. Then, he never left. He’s a pretty fun guy to be around and he can just about lift anything we ask him, so we decided to keep him around 🙂 Mike is now a certified raft guide and finds being on the river in Glenwood Springs a great way to pass time during the NFL lockout.