The Best Father’s Day Present… EVER.

It’s likely that we’ve all had trouble finding our dad’s a good gift on Father’s Day… or maybe every single gift-giving holiday for the last 20 years. Guys are hard to shop for! It’s a fact. It’s also probably science. But Glenwood Adventure has THE perfect idea for the present that your pops will never forget. You might have guessed it by now – AN ADVENTURE! An adventure doesn’t compare to the popularity of the millions of neck ties, coffee mugs, and DVDs of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour that will be given this Father’s Day; but if you’re dad … continued

Getting Fit and Having Fun in Glenwood Springs

Normally, we just get outside and have some fun just for a good time, but who would have guessed that some of our adventures are actually good for your health? Okay okay, that might sound like it’s bogus, but it’s not. Whitewater rafting, paddleboarding, rock climbing, and cycling all burn some major calories and will help you become a lean, mean fighting machine! Whitewater rafting burns between 300 and 350 calories an hour. You get a great upper body workout from digging those paddles into the big whitewater and you really engage your core keeping balanced in the boat. You … continued

Hiking in Glenwood Springs

Considering Glenwood Springs is surrounded by dramatic mountain ranges, it’s no wonder why most visitors plan to hike during their stay. If you pick up a guide on local hikes, it might be a bit overwhelming. With trails in every direction, it’s hard to pick out what treks will be best for your group – especially if you have other activities planned during the day. Here are a couple of our favorite hikes that are close by, so you’ll spend less time in the car, and more time hoofing it toward the summit. Click the trail title to learn more … continued