Preventing Wildfires in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs has been through the mill when it comes to forest fires. Mother nature has a way of correcting itself in the the least opportune moments. Someone’s material life can go up in flames in a matter of minutes. This might seem like a pretty heavy topic, but wildfires in this area have affected everyone very deeply over the last couple of decades.

Residents flee as fire west of Glenwood closes in on homes during the 2007 wildfire
Residents flee as fire west of Glenwood closes in on homes during the 2007 wildfire - The Denver Post | RJ Sangosti

In light of the horrible fire on the front range, near Fort Collins, we’d like to reach out to everyone who will be visiting our beautiful area and ask that visitors play safe to help us prevent an tragedies this year.

Visitors should be mindful of any fires they build while camping. Check out REI’s campfire basics to learn how to be extra safe this summer. Besides the basic safety precautions, make sure that you’re only building a fire where prohibited in camp areas. Most camp sites around Glenwood Springs have clearly marked fire pits or barbecues. If there is not a sign permitting open fires for campers, please abide by the rules.

Also, Fourth of July is quickly approaching. If you’re not from Colorado, you might not be aware that we have pretty strict fireworks laws around here for safety. If you’re camping, it’s best to avoid fireworks all together. Please consult local authorities about up-to-date fire dangers if you must celebrate with a bang.

Lastly, everyone should be vigil about putting our their cigarettes in the safest way possible. It’s been a very dry year and it would be easy to start a fire by flicking a cigarette out of the window or a trashcan in a camping area.

Here’s to a safe, fire-free summer! Now everyone get out there and have some fun!