Prepared for your Glenwood Adventure? What to wear on the big day.

When you’re spending the morning getting splashed by whitewater on the Colorado River, cycling 16 miles through the Glenwood Canyon in the afternoon, and on horseback to your western cookout in the Rockies at night – you better come prepared!

There is just so much to do in Glenwood Springs; we have a lot of guests really pack their days full. So to make sure you’re having the time of your life we’ve put down some advice to keep you focused on the adventure and not worrying about your wardrobe.

If you’re adventure is in the water…

If you’re rafting, stand up paddleboarding or using a sit-on-top kayak, the clothes you want to wear might be simpler than you think. You’ll want to wear lightweight, fast-drying clothing. Normally swimsuits, non-cotton shorts, and t-shirts are just fine. Even if it’s not a scorcher out that day, you’ll want to keep your clothing layers to a minimum. Skin dries much faster than heavy cotton. As for footwear, sandals with a heel strap (Chaco’s, Teva’s, Keens) are the best. They really stick to your feet and provide great traction in the raft. Water shoes and Crocs are okay too. You definitely won’t want to wear tennis shoes. They get wet, stay wet, and get really cold! If you forgot appropriate shoes at home, we always have raft booties to rent for a small fee.


If you’re adventure is on the ranch…

riding horseback on the Glenwood Adventure ranchIf you’re heading to our ranch in Glenwood Canyon, you’ll likely be on horseback or zipping through the Rockies on an ATV. For maximum comfort, long pants and athletic, close-toed shoes are the best for these adventures.  If you’re staying for a cookout – you might not want to wear your finest whites. You’ll definitely have worked up a hearty appetite and tidy dining might not be your first priority when you see the thick juicy steaks, savory hamburgers and hot dogs, homemade potato salad (with potatoes right from the farm) and other tasty treats! During certain times of the year the Colorado mountains areas are blessed with a rather large population for mosquitos. Bug spray can always come in handy. Lastly, while cowboy hats aren’t required… they are totally encouraged!

If you’re doing back-to-back adventures, we have changing rooms in our facilities for your convenience. Of course, don’t forget sunscreen and a water bottle for all of your activities. We want to keep you safe from the sun and well hydrated on your big day!