Our Resident Football Star

We thrilled to have a friendly face hanging around Glenwood Adventure again. Mike Tepper, the offensive lineman for the Indianapolis Colts who spent the 2011 NFL lockout with us, is back for some Colorado fun!

Mike Tepper high side training

Mike is taking some downtime to enjoy his love for the outdoors and get in some high altitude training before the NFL season starts up again. Last year, Mike came to us through David, another one of our fantastic guides from California. The two grew up as best buds on the West Coast and treated us to their crazy antics until we couldn’t take it anymore! But it had been a long, lonely winter – so we welcome the excitement again.

Big Mike rafts like an old pro now. Last year, we had some very high water that guides trained on in their free time. Being a lineman, you might not think it, but Mike is pretty dang agile! Check out the photo for some high-side training from last season. The water isn’t quite as wild this year, but none the less, he got back on the river with us when he wasn’t exploring the other sites of the valley.

One of the favorite things he’s done so far? Hiked Mount Sopris. Not many people can say that – even locals! Mike was a little rough for the wear after submitting battling a little altitude sickness – but he came prepared with a great attitude and excellent hiking boots. Mike and friends also headed up to the Glenwood Caverns for their famous cave tour. You can’t beat the beautiful views up there, and the cool temperatures in the cave.

We’ll make sure to keep you all updated on Mike’s Colorado adventure. Stop on by if you want to say, “Hi” – or maybe tease him about how the Broncos are going to kick the Colt’s butt next year!