Bike Rentals and Shuttle for the Glenwood Canyon Trail

If you hadn’t heard, the Colorado River had a big spring last year. The rapids crashed through Glenwood Canyon completely obliterating sections of the bike path. While that made for some pretty adventurous rafting later in the season, local and visiting cyclists were pretty bummed out that they could no longer bike through the scenic canyon. Nevertheless, we still had lots of folks spend the day peddling down the Roaring Fork enjoying the majestic views of Mt. Sopris.

But, we have some great news! Over the last few seasons, the Colorado Department of Transportation was able to repair the Glenwood Canyon Trail and to make up for last summer; they’ve opened the trail early this year. Glenwood Springs has had some beautiful weather this spring and the trail is scheduled to stay open through the season, as long as weather holds out.

In our opinion, nothing beats a day on a bike whizzing 16 miles down the completely paved path. As a convenience, Glenwood Adventure offers a shuttle through the canyon so that cyclists can ride the downhill side of the path. The shuttle can free up some time in your day to make a pit stop at the infamous Hanging Lake. It’s quite a hike, so you’ll be thankful you hitched a ride to start the adventure. We also have variety of cycles to rent for maximum comfort and to accommodate kiddos.

Reserve your bikes and shuttle soon to be one of the first to enjoy the new and improved Glenwood Canyon Trail!