Mount Elbert & Mount Massive Summit Hikes

Adventure Overview

Mt. Massive and Mt. Elbert are the two highest summits in The Rocky Mountains. They are neighboring peaks which makes it easy to plan any number of great backcountry adventures. We offer rigorous day hikes to the summit or multi-day summit experiences. Mt. Massive tops out at 14,428 feet and follows a beautiful section of The Colorado Trail before ascending to the summit. The hike sports some of the best views of The Leadville Basin and the surrounding mountain ranges. Mt. Elbert is the highest peak in The Colorado Rockies at 14,440 ft. and is just as scenic as Mt. Massive.

Hikers make a beautiful but rigorous 4.5-mile, 4500-foot elevation-gain hike. Both peaks are easily linked to make for a fantastic double-peak, multi-day experience. We have guides that can customize your experience to include education on the surrounding flora and fauna, wildlife, camping and hiking skills, as well as helping you experience Colorado backcountry safely and comfortably.


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Adventure Facts

Minimum Age / Weight
13 years or older
Adventure Time
1 Day
1 - 2 Days
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