Off-Season Travel in Glenwood Springs

There are a lot of reasons to love off season travel in Glenwood Springs. If you’re able to get away from work, school, etc.- whatever it is keeping you tied down at home this time of year – Glenwood Springs is the place to visit!

Who doesn’t love good discounts and deals?

When the snow is plentiful, Glenwood Adventure offers snowmobile tours and snowcat tours through Bair Ranch – a gorgeous little piece of land tucked into Glenwood Canyon. There are views like no other this time of year and children under 12 ride free with a full paying adult on family/half day tours.

Our friends at Glenwood Caverns and the Glenwood Springs Hot Pool offer some low season pricing as well. Come have just as much fun for a fraction of the cost!

Glenwood Springs Snowmobile tourDifferent kind of weather for every day of the week.

Some people like to joke about how temperamental Colorado weather is. One minute the sun is shining, the next minute we’re getting inches of fresh powder. Watch the weather this time of year and you can really make the best of it. One day you can be putting down fresh tracks on a snowmobile tour, or skiing at Sunlight Mountain Resort – and the next day the sun could be shining down on you for a beautiful segway tour or bike ride on the Glenwood Springs trails.

The less the merrier.

Whoever made up the age-old saying “the more the merrier” has never stood in line for tickets to a local attraction for hours with hundreds of other tourists. In the off-season, you won’t have to deal with a lick of that in Glenwood Springs. We get our fair share of weekend warriors from some of the surrounding larger cities, but you won’t find long waits, crowded lifts or overbooked tours. Things are still lively and stay open until decent hours, unlike some other cities that turn into ghost towns come low season. This is the time of year to try out the most popular attractions and restaurants.

Looking for a place to stay during your visit?

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