Rafting Shoshone Rapids in Glenwood Canyon

As autumn sneaks up on us and the summer winds down, Glenwood Adventure and Lakota Guides Glenwood Springs are getting to run their last trips rafting the Shoshone rapids in Glenwood Canyon. Glenwood Adventure had a fantastic summer and took more Glenwood Springs visitors and locals on the river than ever before. That’s why there […]

Rafting with Young Children in Glenwood Springs

With lower water flows on the Colorado River, August and September pose the perfect opportunity to get the family’s young children, who might not yet be able to handle the stream’s gushing 10,000-plus cubic feet per second, in the water. The flow at the put-in at Shoshone, the largest rapid we raft, ran at 1,490 cfs, as […]

Paragliding in Glenwood Springs – the Adventure of a Lifetime

“It’s never too early to check something off of your bucket list, ” said owner of Glenwood Adventure Company Ken Murphy as he sent his two young daughters (just 9 and 11) sailing off the top of a mountain over Glenwood Springs. Naturally, adventure is in these girls’ blood. When they landed the first thing […]

Aspen Extreme Sports Camp – Making Our Jobs Worthwhile

Working at Glenwood Adventure Company has its perks. Everyday you interact with folks that are excited to be on holiday and are in good spirits to try something new and fun. We also get to enjoy one of most beautiful places on earth guiding river trips, segway tours, horseback rides, SUP tours, hummer tours, ATV […]

Stand Up Paddleboarding in Glenwood Springs

Stand up paddleboarding in Glenwood Springs is one of the hottest adventures on the river right now! First off, if you haven’t heard of stand up paddleboards (SUP), it  is an oversized surfboard coupled with a long outrigger-style paddle that originated in Hawaii, and has recently gained popularity on surf beaches around the world. It’s […]

New ice cream shop in Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Adventure Company just opened up a ice cream and sweet shop. Across the Cooper Avenue from the Glenwood Adventure Company, adventurers can now cap off a trip, or simply stop in for an afternoon treat, with a variety of specialty candy, ice cream and soda. Sweet Adventures, owned by the Glenwood Adventure Company, offer […]

Girlfriend Getaways in Glenwood Springs

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’ve put together a list of suggested girlfriend getaways in Glenwood Springs – trips, places and activities specifically geared to the wonderful women in all our lives. These can be enjoyed individually or all together, but the latter will probably require a full weekend. A morning Glenwood Adventure Company horseback […]

Glenwood Adventure Company Wins Bosco Tourism Award

Glenwood Adventure Company Honored with 2013 Bosco Tourism Award GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. –  Western Colorado outdoor adventure outfitter Glenwood Adventure Company has been awarded the 2013 Bosco Tourism Award by the Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association. The award honors the business that has most significantly contributed to Glenwood Springs’ ever-growing tourism industry in the past […]

The Colorado River – America’s Most Endangered River

It’s been a long time since the flowing waters of the Colorado River have reached the Pacific Ocean. 36 million people rely on the river for drinking water. Our beautiful river provides fresh water for several states’ bountiful crops and millions of tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. It’s definitely something worth keeping around. American Rivers has […]